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Trusted Advisors
Across America

Credentialed Experts

Complex multi-layered situations for highly technical industry sectors require a credentialed expert to gain understanding and to provide guidance and recommendations to deliver fact-based, unbiased outcomes. OCI-USA leverages our team of known, trusted and highly knowledgeable experts to provide guidance and recommendations for projects of all kinds.

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Defining Origin and Cause with Unbiased, Expert Accuracy

We develop a project team from our bench of experts and relationships that are appropriate to the project and industry. We deliver simple and actionable findings – all while staying responsive to you.

Detailed & Actionable Outputs

We take pride in providing our clients clear and actionable reporting that is a blend of the knowledge and experience our team offers – combined with objective analysis resulting in holistic and concise reporting.

Experts in Our Fields

We provide consulting and expert services. Our team is made up of respected industry experts credentialed in highly specialized fields including Construction, Traditional Energy, Power Generation, Renewables, and Environmental verticals.

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