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Gabriella Meyers

Gabriella Meyers

Senior Consultant


Rice University, Houston, TX
Bachelor of Arts, Economics

+1 832-895-6023
3139 W. Holcombe Blvd. # 45024
Houston, TX 77025


Gabriella Meyers is an energy consultant with over a decade of experience in upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas operations. Gabriella has focused her career on financial, economic and production modelling and has a strong background in data analytics and analysis of complex financial models. Currently, she consults on insurance claims for carriers, adjusters and their legal counsel in the energy industry, providing expertise in the analysis of property damage and business interruption claims, particularly as relates to losses with heavy data analysis needs.


  • Consultant – ChemTech, Inc, Houston, TX
    • Property damage, business interruption, and delay in startup insurance claim analysis focusing on Energy / PetroChem, Production and Construction claims
    • Scope and invoice analysis, verification of detailed MTOs, development of key metric variances, analysis of labor rates, creation of timeline and hours variances, and in-depth analysis and modeling of TRACK and SAP datasets
  • Consultant – Capital Consulting International (CCi), Energy Sector, Houston, TX
    • Timeline and critical path analysis for BI coverage; projects include large-scale LNG facility, refineries, and manufacturing operations
    • Detailed scope and invoice analysis on claimed property damage repair costs. Projects include $50 million PD claim with agreed claim reduction of 10% due to analysis.
  • Financial Analyst – Commercial Operations ,BP, L48 Onshore Business, Wilburton, Oklahoma
    • Project cost modelling, economics, well by well reviews, forecasting, long-term planning, reserves reporting, internal audit, lease profitability reporting and contractor management
    • Developed financial models for oil & gas field life cycle development, drilling & completion operations, chemical processing plants & refineries, pipelines, and large compression facilities.


  • Industrial Property Damage
  • Business Interruption
    • Timeline/Critical Path for BI Coverage
  • Delay in Startup Analysis
  • Scope & Invoice Analysis
  • Verification of MTO’s
  • Labor Rates
  • Project Cost Modeling
  • Refineries
    • Forecasting
    • Long-Term Planning
    • Reserves Reporting
    • Lease Profitability Reporting
    • Contractor Management