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Jody Zaruba

Jody Franklin Zaruba, P.E.

Senior Engineer


Texas A&M University,
College Station, TX

B.S., Electrical Engineering
TX Professional Engineer
(TX ID: 113406)

+1 832-895-6023
3139 W. Holcombe Blvd. # 45024
Houston, TX 77025


Jody Zaruba, P.E. is a licensed electrical engineer with over 30 years of expertise in upstream, downstream, onshore, offshore, oil & gas, plant / petrochemical and renewable energy (solar & wind).  Jody’s expertise is derived from years of direct facility and equipment design experience with focus on codes & standards, quality engineering & design practices, and hands on commissioning & maintenance activities.  Jody provides a unique perspective with his exposure to turnkey project processes having represented various parties.  Jody provides technical consulting services for corporations, adjusters, carriers and their legal counsel through design evaluations, site start-up support & other on-site loss evaluations, analysis & reporting.


  • Claim – California Solar Farm Fire / Weather Event – Losses Related to Solar Panels, Tracking Systems, Combiner Boxes, & Inverters – Damage / Repair Analysis and Potential Subrogation – $1M
  • Claim / Valuation – Louisiana Refinery – Losses Related to Weather / Hurricane Event – Costing Report for Damaged Equipment Replacement / Refurbishment & Return to Working Condition – $120M
  • Claim – Arkansas Refinery – Losses Related to Facility Explosion & Subsequent Fire – Initial Report to Identify Perimeter and Preliminary Damage Assessment for Electrical, Instrument & Automation Systems Damage – $13M
  • Claim – Louisiana Refinery – Losses Related to Facility Explosion & Subsequent Fire – Extensive Cost Analysis to Return Plant to Pre-Incident Condition Related to Electrical, Instrument & Automation Systems Damage – $25M


  • Advanced understanding of renewable electrical and automation equipment including converters, inverters, and system controls
  • Industry expert in electrical equipment: generators, transformers, reactors, chokes, inductors, filters, switchgear, panelboards, battery chargers, rectifiers, inverters, UPS systems, batteries, capacitors
  • Industry Expert in controls:  PLC’s, DCS, SCADA, process instruments, control panels, power distribution panels, junction boxes, generator controls, motors, heaters, emergency systems, variable frequency drives, marshalling panels, alarm panels, navigational aids
  • Risk assessment / mitigation, root cause analysis, facility & reliability assessment, property damage assessment, business interruption and delays assessment
  • Extensive knowledge of both domestic and international facility design and equipment codes & standards, regulatory body rules (ABS, DNV, USCG, Lloyds, etc…) with experience spanning many industries & sectors.
  • Strong business knowledge, advanced costing systems / methodologies, strategic planning, insights and implementations