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Jody Zaruba

Jody Zaruba, P.E.

Senior Engineer

Education & Qualifications

B.S. Electrical Engineering, Texas
A&M University

Professional Engineer
Texas: 113406

Areas Of Expertise

Electrical Transmission & Distribution Systems
Automation/Controls (PLC, DCS, SCADA)
Upstream & Midstream Production
Inverters, AC/DC Equipment
Wind Turbine & BOP Electrical
Root Cause Analysis


Jody Zaruba, P.E. is a licensed electrical engineer with over 30 years of hands-on planning & design experience in both onshore & offshore energy projects, petrochemical facilities, and solar & wind renewable energy projects.

Jody’s expertise is derived from years of facility and equipment design with a distinct focus on codes & standards, quality engineering & design practices, and commissioning & maintenance activities. Jody has executed the electrical engineering aspect on numerous high-profile projects, both domestic and international, and he has extensive knowledge of the varying rules of each regulatory body (ABS, DNV, Lloyds, etc.) spanning many industries & sectors.

As a senior engineer at OCI-USA, Jody performs forensic schedule and root cause analyses on renewable & traditional energy projects impacted by catastrophic events as well as acceleration matters related to delays in start-up, complex delays, and business interruption claims.

Jody is highly regarded for his ability to clearly demonstrate complex technical issues in expert reports prepared for corporations, carriers, adjusters, and their legal counsel involved in mediation, arbitration, and litigation matters.

Selected Assignments

Description Type Value
California Solar Farm Inverter – Flood/Fire PD + RCA $2.5M
Gulf Coast Refinery – Hurricane PD $120M
Southern Refinery, Penex ISOM- Fire PD +BI $40M
Louisiana Plastics Plant – Explosion CAR (PR) $38M
Louisiana Plastics Plant – Hurricane PD + BI $80M
Sewage Treatment Plant RCA 100k



California Solar Farm Inverter – Flood/Fire
A solar farm experienced a significant flooding and fire event which caused damage to modules, electrical components, and inverters. Jody mobilized on-site to assess and validate the associated equipment losses. Jody performed a root cause analysis, generated a technical RFI request, and assisted with the replacement cost analysis.


Gulf Coast Refinery – Hurricane
A petroleum refinery sustained severe flood damage during a hurricane, and the company decided to repurpose the refinery into a midstream oil export terminal. Jody performed an actual cost value (ACV) evaluation based on a theoretical rebuild for the damaged electrical and instrumentation equipment. Using specifications from the insured, Jody estimated the lifecycle, resale value, and ACV including installation labor for the switch gear, motor control center, and instrumentation.

Southern Refinery, Penex ISOM- Fire
A stripper column piping failure resulted in the release of 60 barrels of sour naphtha that ignited and caused a flash fire. Jody identified the heat zone and boundaries for damaged electrical equipment. He used project cable schedules and drawings to determine cut points and material & equipment quantities for damaged electrical, instrument, and automation systems. Jody analyzed installation rates, labor loading and he segregated claim-related labor from ongoing maintenance turnaround labor.

Louisiana Plastic Plant – Explosion
A plastics plant experienced an explosion and fire at its LCCP low-density polyethylene (LDPE) unit during the commissioning and startup phase. Jody performed an extensive cost analysis to return the plant’s electrical, instrument, and automation systems to their pre-incident condition. The insured presented design upgrades within the claim based on internal engineering reviews identifying design deficiencies, and Jody segregated pre-loss electrical equipment versus upgraded equipment.

Offshore Production Facility
A multi-billion-dollar offshore production facility suffered a hurricane event resulting in the near sinking of the platform. Jody performed forensic analysis to determine the root cause of the facility’s failure and uncovered contributing and cascading breakdowns from multiple contract parties. Jody also provided detailed scheduling assistance for recovery and repairs.

Refinery Complex
A refinery undergoing construction filed a liquidated damages claim associated with schedule delays. Jody performed a detailed contract analysis to determine the performance progress of the responsible parties. Jody identified the actual motive for the frivolous liquidated damages claim which was ultimately dismissed.


Cogeneration Power Plant
A cogeneration power plant in the detailed engineering, procurement, and construction phase experienced delays, resulting in scope creep. Jody performed an engineering and construction schedule analysis, and he prepared concise reports detailing the project’s original scope versus the final design. Jody’s analysis revealed that poor planning and scheduling directly contribute to cost overruns and schedule delays.


Sewage Treatment Plant
The plant owner retained Jody to perform a forensic analysis to determine the root cause of a fire that caused extensive damage to a residential sewage treatment plant. Jody’s analysis revealed multiple factors that contributed to the fire, including poor maintenance of pressure safety valves, blower motor overheating caused by a non-engineered / site-built acoustical enclosure, and removing an electrical overload protective device. Jody also provided repair scheduling.



Jody has an extensive career as the lead electrical engineer on many high-profile projects, performing the detailed engineering scope on fixed and floating oil & gas production facilities across the globe. Some noteworthy domestic projects include Thunderhorse, Mirage, and Boomvang & Nansen, and international projects such as the Pailin project in the Gulf of Thailand and the Usari Project in Nigeria. Jody has deep expertise in various complex electrical systems but is most well-known for his expertise in magnetics, switchgears, panelboards, and inverters, as well as variable frequency drives, process instruments, and UPS systems. He also has a strong background in turnkey project execution from conceptual to operations & maintenance across most industrial sectors, traditional & renewable, with virtually every
party (end user, EPC, manufacturer, etc.).


2022 – Present OCI-USA
Houston, TX
Senior Engineer, Electrical
2013 – 2022 Zarlec Incorporated
Houston, TX
Electrical & Automation Equipment Manufacturer & Engineering Specialist
1993 – 2013 Wood PLC Engineering
Houston, TX
Upstream Sector Lead, Principal Electrical Engineer
1993 – 1993 Connell & Associates
Houston, TX
Automation PLC Programmer
1990 – 1993 McDermott
Houston, TX
Support Electrical Engineer