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Robert Cunningham

Robert Cunningham

VP Practice Director Energy


South Dakota School of
Mines & Technology

Bachelor of Science, Chemical

University of Texas
at Austin

Masters of Business

+1 832-547-5762
3139 W. Holcombe Blvd. # 45024
Houston, TX 77025


Robert Cunningham is a chemical engineer with over 20 years of operations and construction experience in the refinery, petrochemical, and production industries with a strong focus on maintenance, turnaround, and major brownfield projects.

Robert provides expertise in the repair and rebuilding of plants and refinery units following fire and explosion events along with a deep understanding of the procedures around meeting DOJ and EPA requirements. Robert currently consults on insurance claims in the energy industry, both upstream and downstream, providing his expertise to adjusters, insurance carriers and their legal counsel to aid in the comprehension of claimed damages and repairs. Additionally, he provides expert witness work in relation to rebuilds, construction and commissioning phases of energy related projects.


Description Type Claimed Value
Midwest Refinery FCCU, Crude – Fire PD + BI $938M
Gulf Coast LNG Facility – Hurricane DSU $190M
Louisiana Refinery – Hurricane PD $120M
Midwest Explosives Mfg – Explosion PD + BI $85M
Western Refinery Crude – Fire PD $39M
Louisiana Plastics Plant – Explosion / Fire CAR (PR) $38M
Louisiana Plastics Plant – Hurricane PD $80M
Texas Drilling Fluids Plant – Fire PD + BI $40M
Gulf Coast LNG Facility – Pipe Coatings PD $31M
Texas Refinery FCCU – Fire PD $37M
Expert Witness LA Ethylene Cracker – Fire BI $19M
Southern Refinery, Penex ISOM – Fire PD + BI $40M
Midwest Caustic Plant – Storm DSU $25M
Gulf Coast Herbicides Plant – Freeze PD + BI $22M

*Dispute Resolution & Commercial Litigation Experience Available Upon Request


  • Full discipline engineering services for property damage, business interruption, and delay in startup insurance claims.
  • Cost and time element aspects of insurance claims in the Energy/Petrochem, Renewables and related Construction industries.
  • Led engineering team on large scale project losses ($50M+) to evaluate the extent of property damage, develop a repair estimate, and monitor the cost to repair on behalf of Insurers.
  • Expert witness for commissioning petrochemical facilities with a focus on the work scope and schedule duration to commission a plant.
  • Analyze greenfield scope execution starting in construction through mechanical completion, system handover, and commissioning & startup to determine critical path and identify causation of any delays.