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Sean Honore

Sean Honore

Senior Consultant


University of Louisiana,
Lafayette, LA

B.S., Chemical Engineering

  • Refining Technology Overview, John M Campbell & Company, U.S.
  • Haverly GRMTPS Planning System & HCAM, Haverly Systems, U.S.
+1 832-895-6023
3139 W. Holcombe Blvd. # 45024
Houston, TX 77025


Sean Honore is a chemical engineer and a downstream optimization specialist with nearly 20 years of process engineer experience in both process design and configuration optimization of refining, petrochemicals, and integrated complexes. Sean’s expertise includes analysis and reconstruction of oil refineries linear program (ASPEN PIMS LP) models for purposes of evaluating impact and support of business interruption (BI) claims (lost income optimization). In addition to providing expert LP analysis, reporting, and testimony for corporations, carriers, adjusters and their legal counsel, Sean is a PIMS modeling teacher and Refinery Optimization expert.


Description Type Claimed Value
U.S. Eastern Oil Refinery (Petrochemical) – Explosion BI $23M
U.S. Eastern Oil Refinery (Transportation) – Explosion BI $260M
Louisiana Oil Refinery — Freeze BI $14M
  • Downstream Optimization Specialist – Refinery Optimization Engineer – SNC-Lavalin. Houston, TX, USA
    • Downstream Optimization Specialist, U.S.
    • Refinery Optimization Engineer, U.S.
  • Process Engineer – Lead Process Engineer – Amec Foster Wheeler, Houston, TX, USA
    • O&G – Refining and Petrochemicals, U.S
    • PMRB Modernization Project, Ecopetrol S.A., Columbia
    • Ethane Cracker Expansion Project (OLE3) Chocolate Bayou Works, INEOS Olefins and Polymers, U.S.
    • Comparison Study OLE3 Expansion Project, INEOS Olefins and Polymer, U.S.
    • PAR Merox Unit and Butylene Offsite Revamp, TOTAL Petrochemicals & Refining, U.S.
    • LyondellBasell Debottlenecking Project Ethylene Cracking Unit, LyondellBasell, U.S.
    • Propane Dehydrogenation (PDH) Project, Enterprise Products, U.S.
    • Grassroot Delayed Coker Unit & Gas Plant, Exxon Mobile, Sweden
    • Alkylation Unit and Isobutylene Treater TIC Estimate, TOTAL, U.S.
    • Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. RPRE-Premium Refinery I (Train I), Petrobras, Brazil
    • Solvent De-asphalting Unit (SDA), Lotus Enerji, Turkmenistan
    • Panama Refinery Process Configuration Validation, Oxy-Qatar Petroleum, Panama


  • Process Engineering
  • Linear Programming (PIMS)
  • Refinery Configurations
  • Business Solutions
  • Conceptual Design through Detailed
  • Engineering Package Expertise
  • ASPEN Plant Design Simulator
  • SimSci Pro/II Simulator
  • HYSIS Simulator, Haverly System (GRTMPS) Linear Programing, HCAMS-Haverly Crude Assay Manager System
  • PIMS-Process Industry Modelling System (Linear Programing)
  • FlareSim, ASPEN Capital Cost Estimator ACC