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Wesley Bradley

Wesley Bradley

Vice President
Forensic Fire & Explosion Division

Education & Qualifications

Doctor Forensic Science (Active),
Fire & Explosion (AEFTI)
Oklahoma State University

M.S./GCrt, Forensic Science,
Fire & Explosion (AEFTI)
Oklahoma State University

BSci (Hons.), Fire Science,
University of North Texas Dallas

Certified Fire Investigator,
IAAI-CFI, #03-112915

Licensed Private Investigator
Texas Private Security Board

Areas Of Expertise

Fire & Explosion Investigation
Forensic Research
Root Cause Analysis
Expert Testimony


Wesley Bradley is a bilingual (Spanish/English) Certified Fire Investigator by the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) and a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC). With over 23 years in the fire service and forensic origin and cause fields; he has completed over 1700 fire and explosion investigations,

Throughout his career, Mr. Bradley has also obtained multiple collegiate degrees with Masters and Graduate Certificates in Forensics, a Bachelors in Fire and Administration Sciences, and two Associates- one with an emphasis in fire chemistry, and one in fire and explosion investigations. Mr. Bradley’s education and research has further resulted in focused collegiate certificates in Electrical Engineering, Residential & Commercial Power Systems, Complex Failure Analysis and Electrical Theory, and Automotive Fuel and Electronic Systems.

At OCI-USA, he brings an extensive background in advanced management of complex/large loss incidents, with successful resolution in several modes of fire origin and cause investigations, including industrial, commercial, residential, marine, outdoor, and various other occupancy types. His other professional expertise extends far into professorial instruction, private investigations, criminal investigations, live fire training & research, hazardous materials/chemical studies, and structural design and collapse operations.

Selected Deposition and Expert Court Testimony

Case # Court Type
#CL-07-3717-E Sandra Johnk vs. Travelers Insurance, County Court at Law #5,
Hidalgo County, TX
#C-1209-07-F Torres vs. Ventex Oil & Gas 332nd State of Texas District Court Cause
#CR-4611-07-G State of Texas vs. Jose S.
370th State of Texas District Court Cause
#CR-785-10-C State of Texas vs. Jefferey
139th State of Texas District Court Cause
#C-2451-12-F Raquel Sanchez vs.
Honeywell Security
370nd State of Texas District Court Cause
#4:13CV00228 Pennsylvania Lumbermens
Mutual Insurance Co./Arkansas Wholesale
Lumber Co. vs Vogel Paint, Inc.
US District Court – Eastern District of
Arkansas Western Division
# 2017DCV-0106-G American Hallmark
Insurance Co. of Texas, as subrogee of
Vietnam restaurant, Inc. vs. Mestel, Inc and
Sterling HVAC Equipment
319th State of Texas District Court Cause
#2020-41451 Federal Insurance Company,
as Subrogee of Trans Texas Jet Partners,
L.P. vs. MJCJE, LLC, DBA Certapro Painters
of Pearland and Dideen Daniel Patino
281st State of Texas District Court Cause



Commercial Apartment Structure, Texas – Fire C&O
When a fire disaster displaced over 30 residents in a multi-family dwelling complex (12+ Units), the majority of the occupants retained counsel charging the cause was due to a utility system failure on the structure side. Without evidence, the suit was served upon the liability carrier, demanding a settlement of over 30+ million dollars collectively. After multiple days of detailed forensic excavation, reconstruction, and analysis Wes was able to narrow down the fire origin to a single bedroom suite, of a single apartment unit. All artifacts (utilities, fixtures, and contents) were collected from the scene and once all subsequent evidentiary exams were completed, Wes conclusively showed the fire was due to an occupants use and placement of a heat producing appliance, categorically clearing his client of any responsibility.

Commercial Hotel Highrise, Texas – Fire C&O
Wes led the first-party origin and cause investigation on this assignment, approaching the scene with a novel idea against standard recovery, liability, and subrogation tactics. After multiple site exams, and despite the severity of fire damages and partial building collapse; this case resulted in a successful multi-million-dollar recovery. Fire spread was exponential against the suppression systems known capabilities, and an outside the box mentality verified a failed workmanship issue. A third-party contractor action that ultimately caused an overall discharge system failure, rendering the sprinkler system inoperable.

Commercial Airport Hanger, Texas – Fire C&O
This liability assignment began as a suit demand for tens of millions of dollars against our client. However, after leveraging a proper scientific approach, detailed fire spread & dynamic analysis, and progression research; Wes was able to provide defensible expert testimony identifying not just an improper origin determination, but an erroneous causative classification by the opposing party.

Commercial Automotive Development (“EV”) Battery Testing – Texas – Risk Management
After a fire caused full structural involvement to an industrial facility, Wes led a team of experts to not only identify the root cause of the incident; but also utilized specialized knowledge and key observations to resolve weak spots in the EV manufacturing products at issue. Wes was instrumental in implementing new testing protocols. Procedures that were representative of a more normal “wear and tear” scenario and “modern” practical usage. Novel industry approaches that exposed and rectified issues much sooner in
the development process.


Fire Marshal/Chief Deputy – Hidalgo County Fire Marshal’s Office
Wes began his public safety career with Hidalgo County in January of 2005. Beginning as a Fire Inspector, Wes quickly rose through the ranks. This passion and drive for excellence prompted Wes to be appointed as the Chief Deputy, leading the Investigations Division. This division oversight involved management of all case matters with a staff of 16 Deputy Investigators. Under Wes’ leadership, the Investigations Division rose well above the States Arson conviction standard of 26%, where Hidalgo County cleared 80%+ cases by arrest, most in under 48 hours.

Professor – South Texas College
As a Professor with South Texas College, Wes maintained curriculum development, management, and instruction oversight of 3 simultaneous Fire Science programs: including the Structural Firefighting Academy, Fire/Explosion Investigation Courses, and Code Enforcement Certifications. What set Wes and these programs apart is the complex aim towards real life scenarios, testing and analysis, and live fire research.

Expert Witness/Fire & Explosion Investigator– Private Sector Consulting
Wes began his private sector employment in 2012. Utilizing his previous experience, work ethic, and expertise, he has obtained multiple forensic and investigative certifications. During his private sector tenure, Wes worked tirelessly in the pursuit of truth relying on facts and circumstances that can stand the required critical hypothesis testing and evaluation of even the harshest of critics. It is this industry mentality that has brought Wes into O&C investigations not only across the U.S., but also across the globe.


  • Instructed over 256 Hrs. of Fire & Explosion Investigator Certification Coursework, Texas A&M University
  • Intermediate/Advanced Evidence Collection and Preservation (Curriculum), Texas A&M University
  • Expert Courtroom Preparation and Testimony (Curriculum), Texas A&M University
  • Subject Matter Experts and Forensic Fire Investigations (Curriculum), Texas A&M University
  • Expert Report Writing/NFPA 921-1033 (Curriculum), Texas A&M University
  • Surviving Daubert Challenge, Preparing as an Expert (Publication/Curriculum), Texas A&M University
  • Subrogation and Litigation Regarding Fire/Explosion Causation (Publication), CLM Forensics




January 2024 Technical and Scientific Writing
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma
3 Credit Hours
January 2024 Law and Expert Evidence
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma
3 Credit Hours
January 2024 Advanced Electrical Theory and Failure Analysis
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma
3 Credit Hours
December 2023 Survey of Forensics
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma
3 Credit Hours
December 2023 Quality Assurance in Forensics
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma
3 Credit Hours
December 2023 Electrical Theory and Failure Analysis
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma
3 Credit Hours


Present OCI-USA
Houston, TX
Vice President, Forensic Fire & Explosion Division
2018 – 2024 Envista Forensics
Houston, TX
Senior Principal Consultant/Senior Fire & Explosion Investigator
2012 – 2018 Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.
McAllen, TX
Fire Consultant, Evidence Manager
2015 – 2017 South Texas College
McAllen, TX
Professor, Fire Science
2005 – 2016 Hidalgo County Fire Marshal’s Office
Hidalgo County, TX
Chief Deputy/Fire Marshal
2004 – 2005 Trans-Pro Ambulance Service
McAllen, TX
Field Operations Supervisor/EMT
2000 – 2012 Mission Fire Department
Mission, TX
Assistant Chief, Firefighter/EMT