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Designations & Qualifications

B.S. Mechanical Engineering,
Rose-Hulman Institute of

MBA, Morehead State University

Six-Sigma Green Belt


Yulee, FL

Types of Cases & Investigations

Wind Energy Mechanical Systems

Drivetrain & Gearboxes

Power Train


Materials & Metallurgic Engineering

Forensic Engineering

Greg Smith

Senior Engineer - Mechanical & Drivetrain

Greg Smith comes to OCI-USA after 40+ years as a mechanical engineer in industry and the renewable energy space. Prior to joining OCI-USA, Greg worked as a lead design engineer for companies such as General Electric, NextEra Energy Resources Emerson Electric Corp., and Reliance Electric Corp.

Greg’s expertise in the mechanical design of wind turbines, gearboxes, general mechanical failure analysis, and materials science testing, is unmatched. Throughout his career, Greg has been at the forefront of gearbox and drivetrain design intricacies, resulting in developing patents to improve technologies in the renewable energy sector.

During his industry tenure, Greg worked closely with the gearbox repair service team to diagnose and formulate solutions to mechanical failures in the field. Greg routinely leveraged his deep knowledge of gearbox design when performing root-cause analyses to recommend a customized design improvement to the existing OEM designs.

Though his focus is primarily related to wind turbine and renewable energy mechanical failures, Greg’s expertise in materials science, mechanical design, and fatigue & stress analysis is highly valued by OCI-USA’s clients, from insureds, carriers, adjusters, and to legal counsel across the U.S.