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Designations & Qualifications

CFEI, G2, PMH, PM2, PM3, LP, OBT-1



Types of Cases & Investigations

Fire & Explosion Investigation

Jason Binkley

Fire Investigator and HVAC/Fuels Specialist

Jason Binkley is a Fuels Specialist. He has 10 years of experience as an inspector at the Technical Standards and Safety Authority in addition to 20 years of experience in the private HVAC sector. Jason has completed over 300 natural gas leak investigations and 100 fire and explosion investigations. He has investigated over 200 natural gas pipeline damages and completed over 1,300 fuels-related inspections, including hydrocarbon fuels field approval inspections, hydrocarbon fuels variance approval inspections, and hydrocarbon fuels special effects inspections. Jason also served as a volunteer firefighter for 10 years.