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Global Offshore Wind Market

A Paradigm of Unprecedented Growth and Supply Chain Challenges

Manny is a mechanical engineer bringing 20+ years of expertise in renewable energy operations and construction for industry leaders. He provides expertise in the areas of property damage assessment, repair vs. replace cost analysis, schedule delay, and technical data analysis in business interruption cases

The global offshore wind market is poised for remarkable growth, with projections showing an expansion from 65 GW to over 130 GW by 2027. This surge is expected to bring renewable energy to nearly 20 million more homes annually. However, meeting this demand comes with supply chain challenges, particularly in securing specialized vessels like wind turbine installation vessels (WTIV).

OCI’s Director of Renewable Energy, Manny Morrell, shares the offshore wind energy market outlook and some of the U.S. challenges and uncertainties in the supply chain regarding the specialized vessels required for installations.

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